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Filmtipset is a Swedish movie recommendation community. The use case is similar to that of Moviepilot, Jinni or Filmaster, i.e. users rate movies they have seen in order to get recommendations.

Filmtipset was one of the data providers for CAMRa2010 and the dataset has subsequently been used in a number of research publications.

The website was initially created in 2000 by "jonny" <ref></ref>. The current version of the site was built, and is managed by Entertainity AB<ref></ref>. The company also runs the recommendation websites Boktipset<ref></ref> for books, Sommel<ref></ref> for wine and social media analysis site Lissly<ref></ref>

Filmtipset has more than 100, 000 users which have rated more than 85, 000 movies circa 25 million times<ref></ref>. Filmtipset also allows their users to comment on movies, create lists, write review, rate reviews, etc. A number of these data features were included in the datasets released for CAMRa2010.

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