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MyMediaLite is a lightweight, multi-purpose library of recommender system algorithms, written in C#. Using Mono, it runs on all major computing platforms. It also has been ported to Java to provide the basis of the recommender extension for the RapidMiner data analysis tool.

It addresses the two most common scenarios in collaborative filtering:

MyMediaLite is free software (open source software), it can be used and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

All recommender implementations in MyMediaLite are based on the same efficient and scalable infrastructure; for each recommendation task, there is an API and a base class that make it easy to implement new recommenders. Recommenders may use the collaborative data, plus additionally user/item attributes and user/item relations.

MyMediaLite includes evaluation routines for rating prediction and item prediction; it can measure MAE, RMSE, CBD, AUC, precision at N, MAP, NDCG, and MRR. It also comes with command line tools that expose most of the library's functionality, accepting data in a simple text-based input format compatible to the one used by Mahout.

Additional features:

  • saving and reloading of recommender models
  • real-time online updates for many recommenders
  • attribute-based diversification of recommendation lists


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